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Smart People, Smart Living

Established in 2010, Real Icon Sdn. Bhd. is a Sarawak Company which aims to provide solutions by applying new technologies for smart living in the region. With the unveiling of the Sarawak Digital Economic Strategy in 2018, our vision of an innovative future has aligned well with the state’s intentions. With this respect, we have chosen Sarawak as the base for our first project; the installation of Hyper Smart Meter.

We believe that smart metering is the beginning of a smart living future in Sarawak. We intend to be a pioneer in the field of hyper smart metering for the region and we believe that this technology will be in every home across the country while improving the quality of everyday life of consumers.

Anacle Ref. Project

The Tesseract - A world of possibilities


SINGAPORE – February, 2017 – Lyra Reyes from IMDA

(Info-communications Media Development Authority) speaks with Alex Lau, Anacle’s CEO, on possibilities of Tesseract –

First in the world smart meter with more computing power, more capabilities.

Anacle Co-Develops Smart City Management System in China


SINGAPORE – February 2018 – Anacle Systems Limited (“Anacle”) and Enjoytown (Hangzhou) Holdings (“Enjoytown”), a township developer based in Hangzhou, China have signed an agreement to develop a smart township management system. The partnership intends to develop a comprehensive smart city solution platform, allowing cities to operate and manage themselves seamlessly, from enforcing security to ensuring power stability as well as maintaining and automating services and infrastructure.

jewel changi .jpg

Anacle Bags the Jewel (Changi Airport)


SINGAPORE – February 2018 – Anacle Systems Limited (“Anacle”) has been selected by Jewel Changi Airport to digitalize its utility infrastructure. Jewel Changi Airport is the newest extension and will be a new lifestyle destination spread over 3.5ha. Anacle will roll out an integrated end-to-end platform which will automate the management of the ten-storey facility’s infrastructure and equipment. The platform will provide Jewel key and real-time insights into utility consumption while significantly streamlining the operational process. The utility management system includes automated billing capabilities which will remove the tedious and manual process of meter readings, verification and bill generation. This will free up valuable time for staff to focus on more vital tasks and strategic priorities.

Atos Ref. Project

Redefining openness and collaboration for GasTerra – Case Study

Since deregulation, the gas trading market has become increasingly dynamic, and GasTerra itself reflects this dynamism. With just 200 employees, the company procured 83 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2012 for both Dutch and overseas usage, with turnover of over €23 billion.

In 2012, GasTerra and Atos worked closely together to redefine the workplace. The company has developed significantly since it was spun off from the Gasunie public private partnership, owner of the natural gas transmission network in the Netherlands, in 2005. The spin-off was originally prompted by regulatory change and industry liberalization.

Today, GasTerra combines an agile entrepreneurialism with its fifty-year trading heritage. The overall character and behavior of the company is strongly influenced by the social and environmental responsibility championed by its senior management team.

The transformation of GasTerra reached a new milestone in 2013 with the opening of its new office in Groningen in the North of the Netherlands. The way people behave and perform is directly influenced by the way their working environment is designed, and the new building is a showcase for positive social engineering in the workplace.

Enexis – Security for smart meters in a fast-changing energy marketplace – Case Study

The drive to introduce smart meters into the Dutch energy market has accelerated, thanks to the initiative shown by Enexis and a successful data encryption solution delivered by Atos

The drive to introduce smart meters into the Dutch energy market has accelerated, thanks to the initiative shown by Enexis and a successful data encryption solution delivered by Atos.

Enexis is one of the leading players in the Netherlands energy market. Of the 7 million households in the country 2.7 million take their power from Enexis, which is both committed to the deployment of smart meters and has the scale and influence to make a real difference to the market.


Worldline’s combined hardware and software approach was chosen as the basis for the Enexis smart meter data security solution, now known as Cryptoserver, and work began on developing and delivering the solution in early 2012.

The successful development and implementation of Cryptoserver has demonstrated that secure and effective use of smart meters on a very large scale is a reality. Atos and Worldline have made a vital contribution to our roll-out of smart meters and we are certain that the cryptoserver solution can and will be used much more widely in the future.

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