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With the system in place, you can take control of the way you manage your home, from anywhere in the world.

This project is very much in line with Sarawak’s Digital Economy Strategy 2018-2022; the application of smart metering for water consumption were identified in the Strategic Action #10 & #11 of the said Strategy to establish one of the pillars of the Digital Economy for Sarawak.

Additionally the Android-based Tesseract® will open up a digital ecosystem that will include development of other apps that can be uploaded to the IoT device for the benefit of the residents whose houses are installed with the SSGH System.  This spin-off will be beneficial to Digital Centres of Excellence based in Sarawak.

We are working hard with various entities to ensure the adoption of the system is simple and convenient. Our collaboration with Kuching Water Board will promise a seamless transition into a unified billing future.

We will be installing our Sarawak Smart Green Home System to the first 50 eligible applicants in Kuching, with more coming soon. This project will be a stepping stone for all Sarawakians to prosper in the smart living world .



At Real Icon we believe it is important to team up with the right people equipped with the right set of skills and resources to ensure we work in line towards achieving the same goals.



Real Icon launched the Sarawak Smart Green Home (SSGH) Pilot, a smart home system using an IoT device, called The Tesseract®, that also functions as an ultra-smart multi-utility meter.

​The Smart Green Home System will include :

Dual NB-IoT and WiFi-enabled Ultra-Smart Tesseract® Electricity Meter which also serves as the Smart Home Hub

Water Meter enabled with Pulse Sensing Element, connected to The Tesseract® for totalization and water billing;

​3 Wifi-enabled Smart Plugs that can be controlled remotely by The Tesseract®;

NB-IoT connection to the Cloud;

​Web-based Portal and Android Mobile App for residents to monitor their electricity and water consumption, as well as remotely control (and schedule control) appliances plugged into the Smart Plugs.

A Singaporean based company founded in 2006 that designs and develops innovative solutions to meet industry needs for Smart Energy Management, operating across Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Qatar, UAE and other Asian countries to end -user base with a mission to empower enterprises by improving their business efficiency through technological innovations.

A Kuala Lumpur based company that acts as an investment arm, providing Management and Advisory services. They hold various portfolios in technology based companies aiming to build a better future. Blue Meche is comprised of highly skilled individuals in their team to develop and nurture companies to their best potential.

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our services

Established in 2010, Real Icon Sdn. Bhd. is a Sarawak-based Company which aims to provide technology-based service solutions by applying new technologies for smart living in the region. With the unveiling of the Sarawak Digital Economic Strategy in 2018, our vision of an innovative future has aligned well with the state’s intentions.

We believe that Sarawak can be a leader in technological progress in the region and with this respect, we have selected the state as a base for us to embark on our first project, the installation of the Smart Green Home System in houses, offices and retail locations within Kuching. 

At Real Icon we believe it is important to team up with the right people equipped with the right set of skills and resources to ensure we work in line towards achieving the same goals.


business partners


Maxis Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company, which manages Maxis Group operating in the telecommunications industry. The Group is principally engaged in the provision of telecommunications and digital services, as well as the sale of devices. Its major business activities include the supply of mobile prepaid and postpaid services, fixed line services, as well as provision of network facilities, other converged telecommunications, digital and related services, such as fixed wireless Internet broadband services. 


Kuching Water Board (KWB) is responsible for the administration, management and supervision of all waterworks within its area of supply and the policy of the Board is to extend mains and to develop other facilities to provide adequate and reliable supply of fully treated quality water within its area of supply. KWB is non-profit oriented and is a public service organization devoted solely for the purpose of providing a good and reliable supply of potable water to the consumers within Kuching City and its surrounding areas.


SAINS is a private company wholly owned by the Sarawak State Government providing ICT System Integrator and Solutions Provider in the state. Through being committed to building trust and mutual value creation with its customers. With a focus on close customer support, SAINS has been able to improve work processes, drive service delivery to the public and push organisations forward.


FLIR ASIA is one of Malaysia's leading technology companies that offers advanced engineering services using the latest infrared and ultrasonic technologies for scanning inspections in the field of electricity, oil and gas, railways, telecommunications, highways, airports, ports, industrial production and other areas. Their core services are substation inspection and aerial power line scanning.

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